Potato transport and logistics

Your potato transportation in Canada and the United States

At Nordany, our transport and logistics services are designed to simplify our customers’ lives and optimize their supply chain. We ensure fast, efficient delivery of our products to wholesalers, greengrocers and restaurants. We are committed to offering a complete and personalized service, from logistics planning to final shipment.

Our food transport and logistics service for agricultural products serves wholesalers supplying fruit and vegetable retailers and restaurants. We can also transport goods directly to any of these clients. Our mission is to ensure efficient food supply chain management to guarantee that our products reach their destination quickly and in perfect condition.
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Flexibility and customization

We understand that every customer has different and specific needs when it comes to transport and logistics management for the import and export of agricultural products. That’s why we offer a personalized and flexible service that adapts to the requirements of each type of customer. Whether it’s for a regular shipment or a specific order, we’re here to meet your needs and offer you a tailor‑made solution.
With Nordany, you can trust our commitment to operational excellence and your satisfaction. We work together to ensure reliable and efficient delivery of our products wherever you are!
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Agricultural logistics solution to the USA

For our U.S. customers, we offer a transportation service for shipping potatoes to the United States, ensuring fast, hassle‑free delivery. Our team takes care of the entire process, from start to finish. To meet your needs, we first find a farm capable of supplying the required quantity with quality produce. Then, we book transport for the potato delivery, load the truck, and handle all the paperwork. This includes, among other things, inspection by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ), as well as handling the paperwork for customs. Nordany takes care of everything for you and the producer. We promise to provide and ensure a worry‑free experience and timely delivery.
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Contact our team

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our transport and logistics services for your potatoes in Canada and the United States, whether you’re a wholesaler, a fruit and vegetable store owner or a restaurant operator. Our dedicated team is on hand to answer all your questions and take care of booking transportation, tracking the shipment of your potatoes, managing customs documentation, and more. Please take advantage of our expertise and customer service in potato transportation!
Interesting facts
Did you know that Nordany specializes in distributing seed potatoes for processing and consumption? We occupy an important place in the Canadian market.
Did you know that Canada imports a large quantity of sweet potatoes from the United States every year? According to Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada, the value of the imports in 2022 was over $78 million (CAD).
Did you know that Nordany specializes in distributing potatoes and sweet potatoes for processing and consumption? We play an essential role in the Canadian market.
Did you know that the CFIA is responsible for certifying the quality of seed potatoes in Quebec? This is also the case for the other Canadian provinces.
Did you know that seed potato production occurs in the northeast of the province of Quebec, while commercial production occurs in the southwest? This geographical distribution helps to keep viral disease rates as low as possible.
Did you know that potatoes develop from the tubers of other potatoes? This fascinating process shows that potatoes reproduce from their tubers.
Did you know potatoes can be stored for over 11 months at the right temperature? This fact demonstrates the durability and versatility of this root vegetable.
Did you know that if potatoes are stored long‑term at around 5° Celsius, their starch turns to sugar? This causes the potato to brown more quickly, giving it a crispier edge when turned into French fries.
Did you know that Nordany is one of Canada’s largest importers of sweet potatoes? This makes it easy for our team to supply you with sweet potatoes for your wholesale orders and distribute them to wholesalers and restaurant owners.